Welcome to the Humanitec Quickstart guide!

This guide is meant to be - as the name suggests - quick! You should be able to complete it in no more than 60 minutes. To live up to this promise, there are a few more assumptions than in the tutorials and other learning paths. In particular, this path takes a bring-your-own cluster approach, so it is an ideal stepping stone into working with the Platform Orchestrator and your own real infrastructure. As a fallback, convenience scripts are provided to create a temporary default cluster in one of the three major clouds.

This is what you will have learned and created after the Quickstart.

  • You will have your own Kubernetes cluster connected to the Platform Orchestrator
  • You will have configured the Orchestrator with your first Resource Definitions and thus made it possible to self-serve infrastructure as part of a Deployment
  • You will have deployed your first Application from development to staging and connected it to self-serve infrastructure
  • You will have learned all fundamental concepts around Score and the Orchestrator

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