Command reference overview

Overview and description for the Score implementation (CLI).

The Score implementation (CLI) is a command-line tool used to interact with a Score Specification. Use a Score implementation (CLI) to transform your score.yaml file into multiple configuration files for the platform of your choice.

The Score implementation (CLI)

Construct your Score implementation (CLI) commands such that the command options precede its path and arguments when provided.

score-humanitec [command] [flag]

Command reference

The Score implementation (CLI) has two distinct parts.

  • Commands: The commands are tasks you want Score to do. Supply Score with commands and subcommands to execute specific tasks.
  • Flags: Flags, also called parameters, are options that modify the result of the command by providing additional configurations. Flags are specific to the command, and each command can have independent flags.

Global modifiers

The following is a list of global modifiers.


Provides additional information from the CLI.

Alias: -h


Provides version information for the CLI.

Alias: -v