Humanitec enables you to build the perfect enterprise-grade Internal Developer Platform (IDP). We serve platform engineers with leading products and processes designed to reduce cognitive load, drive standardization, and slash time to market. Top performing platform teams use our workload specification Score to abstract developers’ requests and our Platform Orchestrator to standardize configurations and workflows. They also use our Portal which provides one single pane of glass for the entire organization.

This overview page offers a quick introduction to Humanitec’s products, the main concepts, and provides guidance on how to get started building your enterprise-grade IDP.

What are Humanitec’s products?

Humanitec offers three products platform engineering teams can use to build their IDP.


Our open-source workload specification Score enables developers to request the Resources their Workload depends on in a declarative way. Developers can describe their Workloads and dependencies as code once and run them across completely different technology stacks without needing to be an expert in any one of them. There’s no context-switching, and it’s easy to learn. With Score, developers no longer have to fight a bunch of tech and tools when promoting workloads from local to production, and can focus more on writing and deploying code.

The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator

The Platform Orchestrator is the configuration engine at the center of your IDP and ensures standardization by design across infrastructure provisioning and app config management. It enables developers to self-serve all the tech and tools they need to work more efficiently while eliminating ticket ops and Ops bottlenecks. And it empowers platform teams to build an enterprise-grade IDP fast.

The Humanitec Portal (in public preview)

The Humanitec Portal acts as the user interface on top of an IDP. It’s designed to help developers access self-service capabilities and the underlying resources offered by the platform. By building an IDP with the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator and the Humanitec Portal you can drive developer satisfaction, boost developer productivity, and as a result — shorten time to market.

What does an IDP built with Humanitec look like?

An enterprise-grade IDP built with Humanitec’s products will most likely look like this:

Internal Developer Platform

How Humanitec’s products work

The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator is the configuration engine at the core of an IDP. Platform teams use it to define conventions and golden paths for their developers, driving standardization by design across the entire engineering organization.

Using Score, developers describe how their apps fit together and define which resources they depend on. The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator then matches these requests against the baseline configs set by the platform team. With every git-push, the Platform Orchestrator interprets what resources and configs are required for a workload to run. It creates app and infrastructure configs based on rules defined by the platform team and executes them based on a “Read”-”Match”-”Create”-”Deploy” pattern.

Overview of the Platform Orchestrator

For example, if a developer requests a Postgres resource with the Environment name of development, the Platform Orchestrator acknowledges the request and matches the Postgres resource to what’s defined in the Resource Definition. This could include additional Resource Dependencies, such as routes or DNS.

The Platform Orchestrator creates a consistent code-based representation of the environment based on this input. The latest configuration changes are enforced with every deployment.

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