This passes the inputs it receives as outputs. It is convenient for cases where resources are managed outside Humanitec but still need to be consumed by workloads.

The Driver is a “Universal Driver” which means it can be used for all resource types.

Property Description
Resource type Any
Account type None


The input schema should match the Resource outputs of the type that is being used with it.


The outputs will match the inputs.


The humanitec/static Driver to allow a MySQL database that is managed outside Humanitec to be consumed by a workload.

curl${HUMANITEC_ORG}/resources/defs \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer ${HUMANITEC_TOKEN}" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --data-binary '{
  "id": "static-mysql",
  "name": "Static MySQL",
  "type": "mysql",
  "driver_type": "humanitec/static",
  "driver_inputs": {
    "values": {
      "name": "user_profiles",
      "host": "",
      "port": 3306
    "secret": {
      "username": "profile_robot",
      "password": "5ecr3t-p455w0rd"
  "criteria": [
      "app_id": "products",
      "env_id": "production"