This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about Humanitec and the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator. It aims to provide helpful information for understanding the capabilities and usage of these tools.

Why Humanitec

The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator simplifies software delivery by providing a Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that enables developer self-service. Key benefits include:

  • 4x higher deployment frequency
  • 75% less Ops overhead
  • 30% faster lead time

The Platform Orchestrator standardizes infrastructure provisioning and app config management so developers can focus on writing code rather than managing infrastructure. Platforms built with the Orchestrator take just weeks to roll out and have achieved 87% developer NPS.

Platform Orchestrator Overview

The Platform Orchestrator enables developers to self-serve the resources needed to build and run their applications, eliminating tickets and Ops bottlenecks.

It works by interpreting declarative workload specifications written in Score to determine required resources and configurations. The Orchestrator provisions and wires up dependencies automatically based on rules defined by the platform team.

Key capabilities:

  • Standardization - Enforces consistency across environments through configurable baselines.
  • Dynamic Config Management - Generates app configs at deploy time based on Score specs.
  • Developer Self-Service - Developers can provision infrastructure themselves without tickets.
  • Security - Regularly vends standardized infrastructure to reduce risk.

Internal Developer Platform Architecture

IDPs built with Humanitec typically comprise:

  • Interface Plane - UI, CLI, API, and GitOps access for users.
  • Control Plane - Platform Orchestrator and controllers.
  • Service Plane - Backend services like databases.
  • Infrastructure Plane - Cloud provider resources.
  • Security Plane - Authentication, secrets management, policies.

See the Humanitec reference architectures for sample implementations on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our Tutorial guides you through the setup.


The Platform Orchestrator integrates with existing infrastructure and CI pipelines:

  • Receives build notifications via API/CLI.
  • Provisions infrastructure via cloud provider Drivers.
  • Can connect to subnets directly or through bastion hosts.
  • Integrates with Kubernetes across clusters.
  • Supports major cloud providers out-of-the-box.

Reaching existing app config is done by porting values to Score workload spec.

Getting Started

  • Community Edition available for free testing.

Contact Humanitec to request a demo or ROI assessment.