Custom Workload Profile Charts

What are Custom Workload Profile Charts?

This article is about how to create and register Workload Profile Charts to make them available for use in Custom Workload Profiles.

Prepare a Helm Chart

A chart version represents a specific version of a Helm chart and can be created by either uploading a locally packaged chart tar -czf "example-profile.tgz" ./example-profile or a chart downloaded from a Helm chart registry helm pull chart.

Humanitec will extract the following properties from the Chart.yaml:

  • name will become the id of your Workload Profile chart version.
  • version will become the version of the Workload Profile chart version. Each version needs to be a valid semver identifier and can only be used once. If you add another version, the new version needs to be >= all existing versions.

Visit the api-docs for the complete schema.

Register the Chart

You can create a Workload Profile chart version as follows:

Assuming you have a chart archive file chart.tgz inside the current directory:

curl "${HUMANITEC_ORG}/workload-profile-chart-versions" \
  -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $HUMANITEC_TOKEN" \
  -F "[email protected]" 

Where the following environment variables are set:

Variable Example Description
HUMANITEC_TOKEN lsakdjhcals A Humanitec token of a user with the Administrator role on the Organization. Go here to see how to create one.
HUMANITEC_ORG my-org The Humanitec organization the Application is in.


A Custom Workload Profile Chart can be referenced inside a Custom Workload Profile by {orgId}/{profileChartId} or {profileChartId}. Visit Custom Workload Profiles for a more detailed example.