Use a platform

Developers use Score a workload specification, to deploy their applications to their Internal Developer Platform. The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator then takes care of the rest.

Why use an Internal Developer Platform?

Internal Developer Platforms (IDP) enable developers to deploy their applications to the cloud without having to wait for the Platform Engineering team to do it for them.

Developers can deploy their applications to the cloud using the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator without having to know the underlying infrastructure.

This helps speed up development and deployment cycles and enables developers to focus on what they do best: writing code.

What does the platform look like?

With Score and the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator, you can deploy your applications with a git push and allow your Platform Engineering team to manage the underlying infrastructure.

How does it work?

Score simplifies infrastructure management using dynamic configuration management. Declare your resources, like databases, queues, and caches, as workload specifications. The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator then generates the necessary configuration for you through dyancic configuration_management.

The Orchestrator employs Drivers to implement the platform and manage infrastructure resources. These Drivers, either built-in or custom, connect to your infrastructure and support various cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Adhering to a Driver Interface, they enable the Orchestrator to create or destroy resources as deployments demand. Typically, Drivers interact with managed services using credentials from resource accounts.

Resources are identities for provisioning and managing resources. They can represent various identities, including cloud service accounts, VPN and SSH accounts, among others.

Next steps?

Your Platform Engineering team should have already built a platform with the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator.

Get access to your team’s organization and start deploying your applications to the cloud.

Gaining access

You should be invited by your organization and have credentials through Single Sign-on (SSO) to access the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator. Check your email or reach out to your Platform Engineering team for more information.