Gaining access

Inviting users to an Organization

An Organization Administrator or Manager can invite new users to join an existing Organization in Humanitec. An invitation involves sending an email that contains a one-time link that the invited User can follow to associate either their GitHub or Google Account with the Organization in Humanitec. The link expires after 7 days. If the link has expired before a User has accepted the invite, a new invite can be sent.

Users can be invited to an existing Organization from the Organization Settings.

  1. Select Organization settings from the Organization menu.
  2. In Organization Settings, select the Organization members tab.
  3. Add the email address of the User to invite in the Email text box on the left hand side.
  4. Select a role for the User to invite from the Role dropdown on the right hand side. Be aware that you will only have the option to invite Administrators to your Organization if you are an Administrator yourself.
  5. To invite a user, select Send invite.

For more information, see Organization Roles.